Susannah Nelson

 Price list

For an initial FREE 15-minute phone consult to discuss your needs call Susannah on:

  07939 056 870 or email me at 

 You will be required to fill in a Confidential Health form and data protection form online so we can make the most of your session with we meet. Both of which is required by law.

This will enable us to take a close look at your specific issues within the “bigger picture” of how you lead your life so I can tailor the right blend of treatment and interventions and self-care strategies for you.

Treatments might include deep tissue massage, myofascial release treatments hands on and using Roll Model® therapy balls, Full Movement Method Yoga and Neuromuscular Therapy

Self-care strategies might include Yoga Tune-up®, mindfulness and meditation, breathing practices the Roll Model Method® and other self-care practices, to undo entrenched patterns of movement & stress, help heal injuries or enhance performance.


Appointment cost can vary depending on your requirements and will comprise of consultation, treatment & interventions – Initial appointments  need to be booked for  a minimum  of 45 minutes,(unless you are being referred by another  Therapist  *See below or just want an express  treatment


45 Minutes £45   60 Minutes £55    90 Minutes £75

*30 Minute review follow-ups or EXPRESS massage appointments for back, or head neck and shoulders or legs massage 30 Minutes for £30  (Not available for assessments interventions & treatment.)


Have your appointments pre-booked and save money

 4 x 60 Minutes £208  £52.00 each  & save  £12

4x 45 Minutes   £171  £42.75 each  & save £9

4 x 90 Minutes  £270  £67.50 each & save£30


Yoga Tune Up® classes at Spectrum Wellness & Performance 

 Initial Investment £90 Includes;

 I set of original small Yoga Tune Up® Balls  value @ £17.00

6 x 75-minute classes @ £12 each cost  £72.00

Mini foot stretcher value £3.00

Quick start guide and technique poster


   Small group sessions for individualised attention to receive 7.5 hours of instruction and guidance into Myofascial self-care & learn to Tune Up your favourite existing movement practice, be it Yoga, Golf, Cycling, Dance, Pilates, Running, Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia.  Strategies and interventions to reduce pain, improve posture, and enhance performance.

               Rolling start date if places available with1 extra week to take classes.

(follow on blocks of classes £12 each BLOCK of 6 is £72)

Details and booking please call Susannah on 07939 056 870 or email

Roll Model Method® Specialised workshops

Thursdays 9.30-10.45am 

SELF CARE  for Golfers, Boxers, Athletes. Chronic Pain. Hips, Backs, Shoulders Feet

Please call for current workshop dates of what’s on next or to book your group session.

Tension Tamer, Better Breathing Mechanics, Hips, Neck, Shoulders, Back,Feet, Mindful Movement, Head Neck and Jaw.

Available for PRIVATE group bookings Golf clubs  cyclists, runners,friends.

1-4 People  £60  each additional person add £15 each  up to MAX 12 PEOPLE

Body-Mind-Unwind Classes

 Hatha based Yoga Class with added self-care elements using domes and other small equipment to balance, stretch, activate muscles and relax and revive. Focus on finding body blind spots with mindful awareness to explore habitual patterns of posture movement and Stress.

 Call  or email me to request a health assessment form.


 3 for 2 taster class pass for £16.00

  Block of 6  Classes £48 (* Tozer class depending upon Nottinghamshire schools term dates) sometimes the class continues into the holidays depending on venue availability and numbers can be added on to the block. *Spectrum dates run concurrently with some holiday breaks.

  CLASS JOINING TERMS. If you are unable to attend a class due to being on holiday, please circle the date on the booking form and return with your payment. With this notice I am happy to offer you a maximum of one class deduction off the course – please adjust your payment accordingly. If you are away for any other dates you can come to my other class in the same block, if space is available.


Roll Model Method® Therapy Balls 

 Roll Model ®Therapy balls Original(small) size £17

 Roll Model ®Therapy balls Plus size £19

  Roll Model ® Alpha ball size £18

Coregeous Ball, soft super grippy 9 inch  £14

Black mesh shoulder tote for all balls with a zipped pocket for phone & keys pocket £7.


 (full set of  all the above  6 balls in a black mesh tote with room for keys)

Roll Model ® Alpha ball twin set in tote bag £28.99

Double loop Stretch Strap Yoga  Tune Up® £12

Large Yoga Matters Brick (purple )£7

Foam Dome: For foot & ankle mobility, balance work £7

SISSEL Soft foam Roller 90 cm x 15 cm £40

Acuball £25

Acuball mini £19

Acuball Kit: inc Feel it Heal it Book,  Instruction DVD, Acuball & Acuball mini £49.99

Coregeous Set: DVD and Coregeous Ball Set £27

Treat While You Train DVD  2 hours of £29.99

The Roll Model Book By Jill Miller: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility and live better in your body.  £24.

Blue Squishy ball £10 Product Prices are for collection from Newark and Southwell only.  *POSTAGE IS EXTRA  email or call 07930956870   for prices susannah@bodym