Body-Mind-Unwind Therapies and interventions

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Initial Consultation:

This takes a close look at your specific issues within the “bigger picture” of how you lead your life, tailoring a program of treatments to select the right blend of therapies and self-care strategies for you. Treatments might include deep tissue massage, myofascial release treatments hands on and using Roll Model® therapy balls, Full Movement Method Yoga. Neuromuscular therapy and Learning how to breath more effectively .

Self-care strategies might include Yoga Tune-up®, mindfulness and meditation, breathing practices the Roll Model Method® and other self-care practices, to undo entrenched patterns of movement & stress, help heal injuries or enhance performance.

 For a FREE 15 min Consultation to discuss your needs by Phone,

call Susannah Nelson on mobile: 07939056870 

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Initial Consultation – £58.00  

Allow 75 minutes for a personalised assessment and treatment compulsory for all new clients.

followed by a Tailored Programme of Therapies and Intervention 

Block Pay Rate 4  x 60 minutes –  £210  save  £10.00

Block Pay Rate 4 x 90 Minutes – £280  save  £20.00

                                                 Block Pay Rate 4 x 40 Minutes – £164  save  £8.00

                                                           or Pay As You Go Appointments 

  Follow Up individual appointment rates:

60 mins £55

90 mins £75

40 mins £43


Body-Mind-Unwind Classes

 Call me to request a health assessment form and BOOK in for your FREE Taster Class

or to purchase 3 for 2 taster class pass for £16.00

Each class is £8.00, and classes are booked in blocks of 6-8 (depending upon Nottinghamshire schools term dates) sometimes the class continues into the holidays depending on class numbers and  can be added on to the block.

  CLASS JOINING TERMS. If you are unable to attend a class due to being on holiday, please circle the date on the booking form and return with your payment. With this notice I am happy to offer you a maximum of one class deduction off the course – please adjust your payment accordingly. If you are away for any other dates  you can come to my other class in the same block, if space is available.