Golfer client testimonial Spectrum Wellness +Performance

Spectrum  Wellness +Performance  Physiotherapist, Paul  Farquharson was   treating me for  for back and shoulder problems  on and off  and being  a keen golfer and wanting  to  improve my game.We realised my general stiffness  was holding me back & beginning to take its toll!
He  recommended  I  see Susannah Nelson at Body mind unwind as a  adjunct to my sessions with him.
 He suggested I  book some 1-1  sessions with  her for  treatment and to learn  some  Roll Model Method self-care strategies  using Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls.
  As I   wanted to find ways  to help keep me mobile  as  I was wanting to  improve my flexibility to play golf rather than reacting to problems with physio visits.
 It seemed a great idea to  be proactive in trying to minimise the likelihood of injury by  booking some sessions so  I began treatments  with Susannah about 9 months ago and can honestly say that my general fitness and flexibility has improved significantly.
  I attend Susannah’s regular weekly “Body Mind Unwind” classes which is a mix of Yoga, Ball work  self massage and  breathing.
Combined with the one on one massage treatments (perhaps once a month) and Roll Model Method  self care work with the  Yoga Tune  balls  this has reduced both my aches and pains and the number of visits to the physio.
Susannah is highly skilled and very professional. She has a warm, engaging personality which makes people feel very much at ease. Her weekly classes are relaxed and friendly. Despite being  only  one of two men currently attending her Newark class, I would certainly recommend it to others.
For anyone looking to improve their general flexibility, fitness and sense of wellbeing I would wholeheartedly recommend Susannah and Body Mind Unwind.
Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!
A.P. (Newark)