Ironman Athlete & Triathlete Coach testimonial.

I have used Susannah’s massage therapy for over ten years. Initially it was for sports massage & deep tissue work on my legs, to help recover from marathon training. Later, her myofascial work on my head, neck and shoulders, while helping me become more aware of my breathing was sometimes the only way to ease the built-up tension resulting from running my business but now thankfully, it’s just back to my legs and back for run and cycling recovery for Ironman.

I really like the specificity of Susannah’s therapy, and that she has a wide variety of treament styles and tools to draw upon. She listens to your history and focuses on what will give you most benefit, rather than simply going through a standard routine. She has personalised some great self massage strategies using Yoga Tune Up balls which are much more specific then using a foam roller, and so much more portable.

Paul, 49 Ironman Athlete, Coach and Business Owner